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2010-10-20 17:36:00 by Alien9000

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2010-12-22 00:06:49

...Your job is being single?


2010-12-22 03:41:13


When you put it that way, it seems like you're crassly ignoring everything else I had said in the review. Not the shit bashing what I was watching, you seem more than aware that what you have doesn't like to exported as a flash.

I'll say it again, just to drive the point home.

GET. FLASH. Quit blaming Newgrounds on your shortcomings and get a competent animating software so it doesn't flip out when you export it into the proper format.

Quicktime is bulky. Those files are massive. Flash isn't a bad format. Learn to adapt.

Alien9000 responds:

HOW DO I GET FLASH THEN!?When I import my vid in a swf. file (Flash) And then submit it, it MESSES UP.


2010-12-24 07:56:07

It messes up because of that Anime Pro 7 whatever thing you're using. Go to Adobe, try the trial version for flash CS5. From there you can either buy the damn thing, find a CD crack key online and never let it talk to the internet, or let the CS5 trial run out and see if one of your friends has a version of flash who'll let you install it on your computer. It's everywhere, dude...not going to be a hard find.


2011-01-22 15:59:34

Yaay! You won an award on newgrounds!!! :D


2011-06-15 22:10:19

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